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Six Years Ago Today, Pluto Was Demoted

Those of us at the Society for the Preservation of Pluto as a Planet (or SP3) are still committed to the idea that Pluto's status ought to be re-evaluated, and that Pluto should once again be referred to as a planet, and not a dwarf planet.

If you visit our website, you'll see that we continue to support scientific arguments in favor of Pluto; we also still feel that Pluto has the right to be grandfathered in for sentimental reasons. But there's another discussion we've come across that we feel bolsters our argument.

Whether or not Pluto gets reinstated, we're still very excited that the New Horizons mission will reach Pluto now in only three years. What wonders will we discover? We can only imagine.

Pluto Is A Planet
Save Pluto
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